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COVID Safe Tours in Japan

Updated: Aug 17, 2020


After the new coronavirus pandemic, we will never travel the same way again. From airlines to hotels to tourism developers, stakeholders have to adapt to the changing needs of travelers across the globe.

In Japan, several tour services are stepping up to ensure their guests are as safe as possible when the travel industry goes back to its new normal.

On that note, we made a list of tours in Japan that are taking a step further to observe COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Learn how they are planning to curb the potential cases of the novel coronavirus.

Starting off with Japan Localized, a local tour service offering free walking tours in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima. Japan Localized will be opening its tours again soon, and it has made some guidelines to provide a safe walking tour experience both for guests and guides.

Part of its action plan is to accommodate small groups only and to avoid crowded tourist spots. Its local guides will also be required to wear a face mask and use a microphone in tours to observe physical distancing with guests. The guests are also required to wear face masks and to keep at least 2 meters away from other guests and the local tour guide. Guests who are not feeling well are encouraged to stay at the hotel. Japan Localized runs walking tours on a daily basis, so guests can rebook on another day.

Book your tours in advance in Tokyo here, Kyoto here, and Osaka here.

Tanaka Tokyo Tours by Ken Tanaka focuses on Tokyo City and caters to small groups and families. Ken is eager to get back to walking his guests around Tokyo once it’s safe to travel again. As a huge sports fan, Ken usually takes his guests to places like sumo stables and baseball stadiums, but he also provides custom tours.

Ken gives a blow-by-blow update of the coronavirus pandemic on his blog, such as the facilities in Tokyo that have opened and are still closed, new guidelines on traveling in Japan, etc.

Book your tours with Tanaka Tokyo Tours here.

Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel is a travel agency specializing in bespoke trips in Hokkaido. It offers a variety of custom private experiences for groups and families, whether it’s in winter, spring, summer, or fall. While it doesn’t have an exact date yet when to open its calendar to tourists, Hokkaido Treasure Travel Island is calling for its future guests to cooperate with the new travel etiquette for their safety, the tour guides, and the people around them. For confused travelers, the agency is urging guests to reach out to them to reschedule their bookings to a later date or plan ahead of time.

Unique Japan Tours is a travel specialist company offering all sorts of tours and trips across the country. In light of the travel restrictions and the apprehensions of some travelers may have, Unique Japan Tours is giving its customers a full refund scheme, ‘book now, pay later’ option, and an early bird discount for trips in 2021.

Its tours will also be implementing new safety measures to protect its guests and guides. These include wearing masks at all times, daily temperature tests, observance of physical distancing in tourist sites, restaurants, and public areas, avoiding crowded spots, and the use of chartered vehicles and taxis instead of public transportations.


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