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Staying Safe While Traveling in Japan

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Japan is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. In 2018 alone, more than 30 million people from overseas have visited the country. According to Index Mundi, Japan ranks 12th place in the list of countries with the most number of tourist arrivals.

It’s not hard to see why millions of people flock here every year. It’s colorful culture, rich history, polite and disciplined citizens and it’s impressive and super clean and safe cities are just among the many reasons. Undeniably, it’s a destination like no other that everyone should definitely include to his or her travel bucket list.

Temporarily Closed to Non-Japanese People

However, as of the moment, the country has closed its doors to a long list of countries as a means to curb their coronavirus infection rate. They have also suspended the validity of visas issued by consulates and embassies all around the world. To date, only Japanese citizens are permitted to enter the country.

Once a cure or a vaccine is available, people are expecting for countries like Japan to open their doors once more. For now, you can just start planning your future visits. Think about how you will spend your stay in the country.

Staying Safe While Visiting Japan

The Global Peace Index lists Japan as the 9th safest country in the world. That’s why it’s a haven for foreign travelers, especially those who lack prior travel experience. But that doesn’t mean that you should be complacent and care-free while you’re exploring in the country. It still pays to practice the usual travel safety tips.

Below are some of the most useful tips you should bear in mind.

1. Keep Infections at Bay

Even after the virus outbreak settles down, you should still be wary of your health safety. After all, the enemy lies invisible, and practically undetected until a person shows signs of infection. Post-COVID-19, it’s highly advisable for everyone to adapt to the new norm.

Besides handwashing and practicing proper coughing and sneezing etiquette, the NHK World provided additional advice to the public. The national broadcasting organization of Japan has recently released a video clip explaining how people can protect themselves from the virus. The 46-second clip emphasizes the importance of understanding how to approach the 3Cs, namely closed-in spaces, crowd, and conversation.

Here’s a breakdown of the discussion:

  • Avoid going inside confined spaces where ventilation is not available.

  • Don’t go to crowded places or events.

  • Keep distance when you engage in a conversation.

Take note of these health safety tips, most especially when you visit Japan anytime soon.

2. Take Note of Basic Travel Safety Tips

Crime rates in Japan are impressively low compared to other Asian destinations. But, you should still keep an eye out for gangs, thieves and pickpockets. It’s good practice to plan your itinerary ahead of time so you can avoid surprises or problems. Also, if you will travel without the help of a travel guide, be sure to research everything before the trip.

Here are some other useful tips you should remember to enjoy a hassle-free vacation in Japan:

  • Keep copies of important documents such as your IDs, passport, and flight information.

  • Lock your hotel doors and windows before you head out.

  • Be alert when you explore unfamiliar places.

  • Be careful when you use public Wi-Fi. As much as possible, don’t access your banks or sites where you submit sensitive information.

  • Take note of emergency numbers to contact in case you get into trouble.

  • Update your family or friends about where you are while on a vacation.

Traveling Will Be Back Soon

The travel industry is temporarily standing still. And for now, it’s hard to predict when lockdowns and quarantines in various countries will be lifted. All that’s left for everyone is to hope that the entire world heals fast. Slowly, but surely, travel to both local and international destinations like Japan will be back.


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