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5 Fundraisers You Can Donate to Help Affected Travel Workers Around the World

Got a dollar to spare? As you may have known, the travel and tourism industry has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. As a result, local businesses and freelance tour guides around the world are scrambling to make ends meet.

We hope you are coping well with this global crisis. But as we all know, there are people out there who badly need your help right now, especially financially.

If you are looking to extend some help with our friends in the travel sector around the world, here are some fundraising campaigns you might want to take a look at.

1. Relief Fund for Free Walking Tour Japan Guides & Locals

Dai Miyamoto and a group of tourists he is leading around Tokyo

Created by Dai Miyamoto, the founder of Japan Localized Walking Tours, this fundraising campaign will benefit local tour guides and small shop owners that are out of business. The money raised from this fundraising will be used for buying washi from a local shop in Kyoto, for incentivizing local guides for writing the letter for you, and for the rental fee to maintain the business.

You can donate whatever amount. You can also donate in exchange for something. For 2,000 yen ($18), you can get a handwritten thank-you letter from local tour guides using a traditional Japanese paper called washi. For 7,000 yen ($65), you can join the Tokyo Old Quarter Walking Tour in the future with a thank-you letter. And for 10,000 yen ($93), you are entitled to a private walking tour of up to 5 people either in Tokyo or Kyoto in the future, with a thank-you letter.

2. Relief Fund for Free SF Tour

Filip Todd and a group of tourists in a free walking tour

Filip Todd, a free walking tour operator in San Francisco, California, organized this relief fund campaign to help his team get through these difficult times. Filip and his team have also started delivering cooked food for their neighbors and grocery shopping for their elderly neighbors.

Although Filip has reached its relief fund goal, you can still donate any amount. You can also donate in exchange for something. For $1, they will write you a personal thank-you letter. For $100, they can give you a 2-hour private walking tour for four people when things are back to normal. And for $180, they can give you a 2-hour private walking tour for eight people.

3. Hostel Association of Kyoto

Three guesthouse employees in Kyoto

Organized by the Hostel Association of Kyoto, this fundraising is intended to protect the guesthouse culture in Kyoto as about half of guesthouses, hostels, and inns in the prefecture are now in danger of shutting down permanently. The money raised will be used to help sustain the guesthouses and inns as currently most are closed to business.

4. Support Fund for Our Activities in Milan

A group of tourists on a walking tour in Milan led by Lorenzo

This support fund campaign is aimed at helping a young tour guide in Milan named Lorenzo. As a full-time tour guide, Lorenzo leads budget travelers around Milan either on foot or pedals. In exchange for your donation, he can give you a virtual tour around Milan. If not, you can opt for an in-person tour in the future. Alternatively, you can also ask Lorenzo to buy you a branded shopper bag in Milan and he will send it to your address.

5. Relief Fund for Krakow Explorers and Locals

A group of tourists in Krakow led by Eugene

Started by Yevgen Dashevskyy, founder of Krakow Explorer Tours, this relief fund campaign is aimed at helping his 12 local tour guides and local souvenir shop owners who are now out of business.

You can contribute to Eugene’s relief fund. For 100 pln ($23), you will receive a thank-you letter and a package of salt mined from one of the biggest salt mines in Poland. For 200 pln ($26), you will get Krakow’s symbolic figure dragon in the form of a souvenir on top of a thank-you letter and a package of salt. And for 450 pln ($107), you are entitled to a private walking tour of up to 10 people when you are in Krakow soon.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generosity!

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