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Where to Buy Ekiben at Kyoto Station: 10 Best Bento Boxes You Can Buy

Train station bento or locally known as “ekiben” is popular in Japan. If you are wondering where to buy ekiben at Kyoto Station, you are in the right place!

Not only they are good-looking and mouth-watering, ekiben is the tastiest lunch box in the world. These tiny lunch boxes filled with Japanese food goodness evoke a sense of travel. They are also a great opportunity to try specialties of certain regions that locals and tourists alike have a rare chance on.

What are bento box lunches served on trains in Japan?

An ekiben is a type of bento you can in train stations across Japan. They are designed to feed travelers, especially those that have long trips.

The term ekiben is derived from the words “eki” which means station and bento, which means lunch box. But ekiben is not just any other lunch box. They are supposed to be delicious and often affordable.

How much is a bento box on a Japanese train?

The price of train station bento boxes or ekiben range between 300-500 JPY for a snack-sized ekiben and 700-1,200 JPY for a full bento box meal. Bento boxes with sought-after ingredients like Wagyu beef and unagi (Japanese eel) are more expensive, costing between 1,700-3,200 JPY.

10 Best Ekiben at Kyoto Station

Whether you’re going to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, or anywhere, bento boxes at Kyoto Station are guaranteed to make your trip much more memorable. Here are our top recommendations for the best bento boxes at Kyoto Station:

1. Bamboo Basket Bento by Haginoya (From 1,000 JPY)

Packed in a beautiful bamboo basket, Haginoya’s kaiseki ryori bento puts together items from traditional cuisine course, including green vegetables, eggs, and more.

2. Takikomi Gohan Bento by Awajiya (From 980 JPY)

Awajiya’s bento has takikomi Gohan (Japanese mixed rice) as the main dish with plenty of side dishes, including teriyaki beef, shredded eggs, and Kyoto-famous pickled vegetables.

3. Conger Eel Sushi Bento by Hagitonani (From 800 JPY)

Hagitonani’s conger eel sushi is flavorful with sweet soy sauce, perfect for anyone who craves rolls of eel sushi.

4. Uzumasa Noriben by Hokusai (From 670-1,100 JPY)

As a bento specialty store, you can get a variety of awesome bento lunch boxes by Hokusai, including noriben (fried fish, bonito fish flakes, grilled nori sheet). Other recommended bento boxes include roke-ben (salted mackerel, eel, karaage, fish, and vegetables), Tamba cattle bento, sauce filet cutlet bento, and karaage bento.

5. Wagyu Bento by Hatsuda (From 1,728 JPY)

Hatsuda, a popular Wagyu beef specialty shop, also offers bento boxes of high-quality grilled Wagyu beef bento. Their Wagyu bento is one of the best!

6. Special Unagi Bento by Uoriki (From 3,240 JPY)

If you are looking for unagi (Japanese eel) bento, Uoriki has one that could satisfy your taste. Their perfectly barbequed whole-body eel and thick flavorful sauces are available in Osaka and Tokyo style.

7. Toritenju Bento by Nanyoken (From 790 JPY)

Toritenju bento is a tempura chicken meal with brewed soy sauce from Shiga Prefecture. It’s seasonal, so grab it when you see it.

8. Chirimen Sansho by Nakagawa(From 930 JPY)

Chirimen sansho bento is composed of a small dried fish with sansho, a spice made from the Japanese pepper tree’s bud. When you open this bento, don’t be surprised by the whiff of the sansho on top of the rice. You’ll either love it or hate it.

9. Okame Bento by Maneki Foods (From 980 JPY)

Okame is a smiling Japanese woman from the goddess of mirth known to bring happiness and good fortune. Okame bento is made from seasoned rice topped with conger eel, beef, and chicken.

10. Kyoto no Tanuki-san by Kashiwai(From 918 JPY)

This sushi rice bento is made with sushi wrapped in youtube and rice that’s simmered in red vinegar. Inside the yuba are pickled vegetables, beef, daikon, burdock, and more.

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