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Where and What to Eat in Gion: Best Food in Gion, Kyoto

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Looking for the best food in Gion District? In this guide, we have highlighted what to eat in Gion and where to find them specifically.

Gion is the geisha district of Kyoto. From day to night, Gion is a vibrant area where you can find many of the best places to visit in Kyoto, including shrines, temples, and historic streets.

10 Best Food in Gion, Kyoto

As a center of activity in Kyoto, Gion is also home to some of the best restaurants, bars, and izakaya (traditional pubs). If you are wondering where and what to eat, here are some must-try foods in Gion, Kyoto:

1. Ramen at Mushoshin

Mushoshin serves one of the best ramen in Kyoto. This ramen joint offers affordable and quick hot bowls of ramen, which is famous for its thick and rich soup. Try their black ramen along with karaage (fried chicken).

2. Sushi at Izuju

Izuju is one of the best sushi restaurants in Kyoto. This sushi restaurant serves traditional Kyoto sushi. The price of sushi at Izuju is very affordable starting at 2,500 yen for a set course.

3. Tempura at Tempura Kyoboshi

If you are in Gion, head over to Tempura Kyoboshi to try their famous tempura. Tempura Kyoboshi is one of the most popular tempura restaurants in Kyoto, having two Michelin stars under its belt.

4. Okonimiyaki at Gion Tanto

Gion Tanto serves Kyoto-style okonomiyaki (pancake mixed with other ingredients like cabbage, meat, and seafood) with a regional twist. This means okonomiyaki here is served a little bit different from those in Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

5. Locally grown dishes at Kyou-no-Jidoriya Aki

All meat and vegetables used at Kyou-no-Jidoriya Aki are locally grown and sourced. Whatever you order, whether it’s a chicken dish or ramen, you are guaranteed to eat everything local.

6. Teppanyaki at Teppan Tavern Tenamonya

Teppan Tavern Tenamonya is a casual teppanyaki bar in Gion. Whether you are getting okonomiyaki or A5 quality beef, their bestselling teppanyaki cuisine will surely make you fall in love with their offerings.

7. Oyakodon at Hisago

If you are looking for a fluffy oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl) in Gion, Hisago is the first restaurant that comes to mind. Founded in 1945, Hisago is very accessible just a few minutes walk from the main gate of Yasaka Shrine.

8. Kobe Beef at Mikaku

Kobe beef in the Kansai region is different. If you are in Kyoto, Mikaku serves one of the best Kobe beef however you want it cooked, whether you want it sukiyaki or teppanyaki.

9. Matcha Parfait at Saryo Tsujiri Gion Honten

Of course, you would like to try some dessert! Head over to Saryo Tsujiri Gion Honten to try their famed matcha parfait, which is mde from matcha ice cream, matcha cake, mochi, and more.

10. Sake at Wadachi

To cap off your food trip in Gion, why not end with a good sake? Wadachi, a bar specializing in Japanese sake, offers one of the best sake in Japan.

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