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When I can Travel to Japan? Latest Updates of Japan Travel Restrictions | June 10th 2021

When I can Travel to Japan?

Latest Updates about Travel Ban in Japan.

To think about when you can travel to Japan, there are some important points that you have to check out.

These are the 3 important points.

a)State of Emergency


c)Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic

Those are the key figures for predicting when Japan will open its border, and travelers can visit Japan. The State of Emergency will end by June 20th.

If the State of Emergency is not over, it means that reopening Japan's border will not be a discussion and will not be back to table. But the vaccination is rapidly catching up. It means that there is some hope that the State of Emergency will finish earlier than planned, and will rapidly start to reopen our border.

Also, Decision made by the IOC and Japanese Government about not bringing oversea spectators implies that until Sep 5th, our border is not open to travelers.

We are keep updating latest information about Japan travel ban on Youtube.


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