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Japan Travel Ban Update July 22nd, 2021

When can I travel to Japan?

This is the latest timetable of the prediction of when Japan will open it borders.

State of Emergency

State of Emergency was declared to Tokyo, and extended in Okinawa. Also, the intensive anti infection measures for the Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Osaka.

It will last to August 22nd.

It was a big surprise for the Japanese that Tokyo entered the state of emergency.

No Japanese had predicted this situation.

Moreover, the state of emergency is a long period between the Tokyo Olympics and the Obon holidays.

In other words, it also implies that the Japanese government wants people to refrain from traveling during the Obon holidays.

In addition, which means that the reopening the borders, and reissuing the visa will be shift back to August 22nd, due to my assumptions.

My concern is, the number of COVID cases are increasing in Japan. I am not sure that the state of emergency will be end.

Visa Application

There are no critical updates or new information about reopening the borders.

I keep watching the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website, but the information about Application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel page is not updated since May 11th, 2021.

Go To Travel Campaign

This article is about Go To Travel campaign.

Go To Travel campaign is the Japanese Government subsidies for supporting people's travel, paying 35% of the expense of traveling. It was started last July.

The Commissioner of the Tourism Agency said at a press conference that resuming Go to Travel would be very difficult.

It implies that it is still a long way for Japanese people to travel without worrying about it.

In my opinion, foreign travelers will never be accepted unless Go-to Travel is resumed.

Vaccine Passport

One of the hope was the Vaccine passport. But the outcome disappointed for many peoples.

Japan's vaccine passport to initially be valid in five countries

The vaccine passport issued by Japanese Gov is only one way, and only 5 courtiers will accept it. Still, Japanese government is negotiating with other courtiers, but the others are requiring to Japan to accept their vaccine passport too.

In addition, Japanese government plans to continue requiring returnees to quarantine for two weeks even if they have been vaccinated.

This will not help anything for reopening our borders.

Vaccination Rate in Japan

The Japanese Prime Minister says that all applicants will be vaccinated by October.

So I think the situation is getting better around October.

When I can Travel to Japan?

My guess is that student visas will be available after the state of emergency is declared.

General travelers think it will be around November.

Very optimistic, but these days are the earliest possible dates at this time.

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