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Kyoto Night Free Walking Tour

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

What makes Kyoto Localized Free Walking Tours stand out from the other free walking tours is that we have the Kyoto Night Free Walking Tour. Kyoto is not a night life city or a party city. But it is city of Geisha (Maiko & Geikio). The night tour is the supplement of the Kyoto Free Walking Tour, that covers culture, religion, food, and history.

The tour will start visiting Yasaka-Shrine

Night Tour Kyoto - Yasaka-Shrine

First destination is Yasaka Shrine. Your local guide will tell you about the Shintoism, and the manner at the Shinto shrine. Also, we will make a wish at this shrine that we can meet real Geisha (Maiko & Geiko) during the tour.

Walking through the Geisha District

Night Tour Kyoto - Geisha DIstricts
Geisha Districts

Night tour will cover two of the Geisha districts. What is Geisha? Who are they? Walking through this area, your local guide will explain about the Geisha culture. And you will se lot of tea houses and restaurants. Some of the restaurants doesn’t allow first time visitors. Why? To understand this, you need to know the character of people of Kyoto. Japanese is a single race, but so different from each region.

Heading to Kamo-gawa river and the most dramatic bridge in Kyoto

Kyoto Walking Tour Night
The tour will cross one of the most dramatic bridge in Kyoto

Head out from the Geisha district, tour will head into the restaurant area. The tour will cross one of the most dramatic bridge in Kyoto. What is behind this story? What happens here 1,000 years ago? This is one of the most exciting stories that Kyoto have for the lost history itself.

Two drinking alleys

Kyoto Walking Tour
We will introduce you some of the famous restaurants

Tour will head to the last destination, Shjio-Ohashi bridge. Kyoto is a small city. And the place to have a dinner and drink is concentrated into a small area. But, completely different atmosphere and culture. Why? You will never get understand and realized the difference without the stories from your local guide. Also we will introduce you some of the famous restaurants in that area, and give you the idea of Kyoto’s cuisine.


Kyoto is the heart of Japan and has rich history and culture. Our walking tours will show you why. On our Walking Tours you will learn about the Old and New Kyoto, tradition, religion, history, food, and culture. Free Walking Tours in Kyoto | Kyoto Walking Tours. Book your free walking tour of Kyoto today.


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