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Kurama Fire Festival by Bicycle

> Kurama Fire Festival by Bicycle

Tour Overview

The annual Kurama Fire festival is one of Kyoto’s most famous festivals. A religious Shinto festival to commemorate the transfer of Yuki Shrine from central Kyoto to Kurama in the countryside north of Kyoto (in the year 940). Watch a lively parade of locals in traditional costume carry giant flaming torches down the street, culminating in a ceremony at Yuki Shrine.

Please Read Through 

It’s a 15km ride from the bicycle rental shop to Kurama village. And it’s uphill all the way with some sheepish slopes. You might want to consider renting an electric bicycle.

You will have to rent the bicycle for two days and return it to the bicycle rental shop by yourself the next day. The bicycle shop will require ID and addresses and telephone numbers of your accommodation. You will need to be fairly fit and an experienced bicycle rider. This tour is not suitable for children.

The lady at the bicycle shop can’t guarantee there will be any electric bikes on the day, so you may want to reserve a bicycle ahead of this time, either from this bicycle rental shop or another one. You also need to consider where you are going to park your bike overnight if there isn’t parking for your bike at your hotel. 

It will take roughly an hour to cycle from central Kyoto to Kurama. 

The event begins about 6pm. The peak of the ceremony is around 9pm. It is always lively, extremely crowded, and quite chaotic so once the ceremony gets going, you are free to continue on your own or try to stay with. 

We’ll make sure you know how to get back to the bicycle parking area and how to get back to Kyoto City. It’s essential you have access to the internet and online maps. You are liable for your own safety. Alcohol and cycling is not permitted in Japan.

Tour Details

October  22nd 2023 from 4PM

Duration: 5 Hours

Price: This Tour is tip based! Bike: Around 5000 yen. 

Footwear: Comfortable 

Language: English

Tour Highlights

Meeting Point

Rental Bicycle KYOTO ECO TRIP Shijo Karasuma shop

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Kurama Fire Festival by Bicycle
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