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Will Japan Lift Travel Ban Soon?

The Japanese government has expressed a few times that it wants to reopen its economy to foreign travelers. But due to the current situation where coronavirus is still ravaging a lot of countries worldwide, it’s making sure to protect its citizens.

That’s why it’s only talking to several countries for the planned easing of travel restrictions. Singapore and Malaysia have been discussing possible re-entry of travelers to Japan and vice versa.

The most recent development in Japan’s travel bubble involves India and Vietnam.

Japan and India Ease Travel Restrictions

Japan and India have come up with an agreement to allow flights between the two countries. Regardless of their visa types, Indian nationals will be able to enter Japan with no travel restrictions. The same for Japanese nationals entering India.

Nevertheless, travelers from both countries will still be required to undergo a rapid test for coronavirus before leaving the country and a 14-day self-quarantine upon arrival. Travelers are also prohibited from using public transportation within that window.

Japan is only one of the 13 countries India has eased travel restrictions with. India also has travel arrangements with the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Afghanistan, the Maldives, and Nigeria.

Vietnam Resumes Flight to Japan

Meanwhile, Vietnam has resumed commercial flights to Japan. On September 19, the first routine international commercial flight took off with around 60 passengers from Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi to Tokyo. The flight was the first in six months since the coronavirus pandemic shut down borders for commercial flights.

The Vietnam Airlines flight carried mostly Vietnamese students, guest workers, and Japanese nationals who were coming home. The passengers were required to submit a certificate validating that they tested negative for the coronavirus test within 72 hours of the flight departure.

Vietnam Airlines is set to open two more flights to Japan by the end of September. One will be from Hanoi to Tokyo on September 25, and another one from Ho Chi Minh City to Tokyo on September 30.

Vietnam has also resumed commercial flights to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Cambodia, and Laos.

Japan and EU Travel Restrictions

Japan has not expressed anything so far whether it’s easing travel restrictions to European countries. Back in July, the European Union started lifting its entry ban on 14 countries, including Japan.

There’s no update from the Japanese government yet as to when it’s planning to reopen its borders to EU travelers. Most EU countries have been hit hard by the virus since March.

Japan and US Travel Restrictions

The same for travelers in the United States, Japan has not expressed any interest in reopening its borders. This is not surprising, though. The United States has been hit the hardest by the virus with over 6.83 million cases and over 199,000 deaths recorded as of September 21, 2020.

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