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Top 5 Most Romantic Places in Kyoto for Couples

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan
[Wakaba Park | Image Courtesy of City Foodsters / Flickr]

Top 5 Most Romantic Places in Kyoto for Couples

Looking for the most romantic places in Kyoto? Say no more! Kyoto is not just a city for history freaks and food buffs.

Kyoto might not be the most romantic place in the world, it definitely has something to offer to couples from all over the world.

Whether you want to bring your partner to a quiet place to express your love, or you are planning to pop the question, you better check out these hidden romantic gems. Here are five great dating spots in Kyoto that couples of all stripes can visit:

1. Shirakawa

Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan
[Shirakawa | Image Courtesy of wakanmuri / Flickr]

Shirakawa Dori (“street”) in Gion is a popular area to randomly spot geisha on their way to their appointment. It’s deemed to be the most attractive street in Kyoto where you can still feel the old city, making a perfect Kyoto date spot. A clean river runs parallel to the cobblestone street, lined with cherry blossoms and willows trees and wooden restaurants and inns. On the sakura season, Shirakawa usually welcomes heavy foot traffic. But on a normal day, strolling around Shirakawa is an utter pleasure.

2. Kyoto Botanical Garden

Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan
[Kyoto Botanical Garden | Image Courtesy of Kimon Berlin / Flickr]

Founded in 1924, Kyoto Botanical Garden is the oldest public botanical garden in Japan. The unassuming scenic beauty of Kyoto Botanical Garden makes it a less crowded tourist attraction in Kyoto, which also makes it a great place to propose in Kyoto, that’s if you want to keep it on the down-low. Kyoto Botanical Garden has been a favorite spot among locals to relax and decompress. The garden can be enjoyed at any time of the year with a variety of seasonal flowers.

3. Maruyama Park

Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan
[Maruyama Park Image Courtesy of Kimon Berlin / Flick]

The oldest public park in Kyoto, Maruyama Park has become a good dating spot in Kyoto. Whether you are with your partner or family, Maruyama Park is one of the top tourist spots in Kyoto that you should put on your list. On sakura season and hanami (“flower viewing”), Maruyama Park can get really crowded because it’s a convenient place to just sit down and watch the cherry blossoms in all their glory. Although crowded most days, the park is well-loved by the locals for it stands.

4. Garden Museum Hiei

Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan
[Garden Museum Hiei | Image Courtesy of Oilstreet / Wikimedia Commons]

Garden Museum Hiei sits at the top of Mount Hiei, a mountain dividing Kyoto and Shiga prefectures. The idea behind the museum is to bring artistic depictions of well-known landscapes by impressionist artists like Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Pierre Auguste-Renoir. If you are a creative or artistic person, all the more you will appreciate the garden museum with all its interesting natural replicas of famous artworks, such as “Water Lilies” by Monet and “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh. Also, Garden Museum Hiei is home to 100,000 flowering plants in some 1,500 varieties. If you want to drown your date in the beauty of Mother Nature, we highly recommend going to Garden Museum Hiei.

5. Wakaba Walkway

Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan
[Wakaba Park | Image Courtesy of lensonjapan / Flickr]

Somewhere along the 31-kilometer stretch of Kamogawa (“Kamo River”) is a good dating spot right off the river bank. This is Wakaba Park or what others call Wakaba Walkway. Cherry blossom trees line the sides of the river, making it a popular spot during hanami and cherry blossom season. The spot offers a great view of the river, perfect to relax, have a picnic, exercise, or meditate.


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