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5 Best Group Tours in Kyoto, Japan

Group tours in Kyoto are ideal for families and friends who want to enjoy the city together. With someone leading the way for all of you, you can explore Kyoto more comfortably and efficiently, without getting at each other’s throat.

If you are looking to spend an entire day of getting around Kyoto, whether you’re in a group of family and friends or complete strangers, here are the best group tours in Kyoto, Japan that you should join in.

1. Kyoto Free Walking Tour - Kyoto Localized

[Yasaka Pagoda | Image Courtesy of Chuck Moravec / Flickr]

First on our list is a free walking tour in Kyoto. In this group tour in Kyoto, you’ll be joining other people. So you’ll not only get to see some iconic places in the city like Yasaka Shrine and Yasaka Pagoda, but you may also be able to meet some new friends from different parts of the world. And it costs nothing. You can find lots of group tours in Kyoto, but with Kyoto Localized, they offer tours daily. Book your slot here.

2. Kyoto Bike Tour

[Tourist bikes around Kyoto | Image Courtesy of Gavin Anderson / Flickr]

Another way to experience Kyoto as a group is through an e-bike tour. This guided tour is perfect for a family or group of friends as you pedal down the streets of Kyoto. Guests usually have options to choose from where they want to go, but more often than not, the biking itinerary is usually divided as east and west. While this is perfect for a family tour, kids 10 years old and below are restricted from joining the tour.

3. Kyoto Free Night Walking Tour - Kyoto Localized

[Yasaka Shrine | Image Courtesy of xegxef / Pixabay]

Kyoto bedazzles at night. When the street lights glow and the shrine lanterns glimmer, this old historic former capital gives a different vibe at night. Joining free walking tours in Kyoto at night is the most worthwhile thing to do if you want to behold the city’s charm and opulence, right through the eyes of a local. Kyoto Localized offers a FREE night walking tour in Kyoto, where you visit spots like Yasaka Shrine and do some geisha sightings around Gion. Book your slot here.

4. Kyoto Arashiyama Small Private Bus Group Tour

[Arashiyama Bamboo Grove | Image Courtesy of Walter Mario Stein / Unsplash]

If you want to explore some distant tourist attractions in the city and you want to do it as comfortable as you can, you can join group tours in Kyoto, on a bus. Bus group tours are also perfect for people who are pressed for time or who are visiting Kyoto for a day. For instance, Explorer Tours has a small private bus group tour that will bring you to some World Heritage Sites, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Tenryuji, and Golden Pavilion.

5. Gion Kimono Tour

[Guests in Kimono | Image Courtesy of Sofia Monteiro / Unsplash]

Kyoto is home to the largest population of geishas (professional female performers), around 200 of them, including maiko (apprentice geisha). It only makes sense to experience geisha sightings if you happen to be in the city. The best place to observe geisha and maiko is in Gion. It’s the geisha district of Kyoto, after all. But if you want to dress in kimono (or yukata in summer) and experience the iconic Japanese traditional garment, many tours like JTB Japan offers a Gion kimono tour to let you experience what it looks like to be a geisha from head to toe.


Kyoto is the heart of Japan and has a rich history and culture. Our walking tours will show you why. On our Walking Tours, you will learn about the Old and New Kyoto, tradition, religion, history, food, and culture. Free Walking Tours in Kyoto | Kyoto Walking Tours. Book your free walking tour of Kyoto today.


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